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Company Overview - Who are we?

Mr. Fox is a Life Member of the American Numismatic Association (LM5385) and has been a member for over 27 years in good standing. He is also a member of Collectors of Numismatic Errors Club of America (CONECA), Colorado Wyoming Numismatic Association (CWNA), The Denver Coin Club and the South Suburban Coin Club.

D & F Coins was founded in 1989 by David Fox in Centennial, Colorado. The company sells its inventory in person, at coin shows and club meetings, and through our online catalogs.

D & F Coins deals in rare United States coins exclusively, specializing in; 18th century type coins: Morgan/Peace dollars, Full Step Jefferson nickels and Cameo Proofs.

Mr. Fox has taken the following ANA Courses (Basic and Advanced Coin Grading) the instructors were, Keith Love, JP Martin, Leonard Standley, Len Albrecht, Mark Feld, Tom Hallenbeck
(Counterfeit Detection) taught by J.P. Martin, Don Bonser, Ken Bressett

He reads dozens of industry-published newsletters, price guides, magazines, and books every week, to keep D & F Coins' clients informed of current market conditions. D & F Coins attends and participates in many coin auctions and coin shows during the year. He collects U.S. Full Step Jeffersons and Deep Cameo Proof Coins and he enjoys photography, personal computing, and exploring the Rocky Mountain Region by horseback.

Company mission:

D & F Coins is a small company committed to numismatics and fellowship, all while maintaining a profitable return for our company and our clients. We handle and maintain U.S. rare coin investment portfolios for a small number of clients, advising them on current market conditions, trends, and pitfalls. The best tool for being a successful rare coin investor is knowledge. We have always followed the philosophy of Aaron Feldman "Buy the book before the coin". Knowledge is still the best tool that you can arm yourself with in today's rare coin market. We believe that without knowledge, you will never do as well financially, as someone who has studied and read the facts. We can help you plan for your future by advising you on good purchases, as well as an opportune time to dispose of your holdings, for cash out for a trade into other areas of the market. Collectors are our main clientele and we would be pleased to help you find that special coin for your collection, or to find a new home for your unwanted coins. We offer estate and collection appraisals for insurance. If there is a subject you need help finding the facts on, we can provide the research and the results. If D & F Coins can help you in any way with numismatics, please don't hesitate to contact us.

U.S. Rare Coin Purchasing:

Please see our buying page for coins we currently are in need of purchasing. Please write to us or use our sell your coins to us using our online form. A list of the items you have for sale and a way to contact you via mail, e-mail, or phone. We will make an offer or make arrangements for you to ship your items to us for our prompt cash offer.

All want lists aggressively filled:

We aggressively search out coins on our customers want lists. We know that quality collector coins can be tough to locate. If there is a piece you are looking for and not finding, let us know. You are under no obligation to purchase the coin if we can secure one, and we will act only as brokers, should you so desire. We charge a small percentage for this service. (Average 7-10%).

Investment portfolio plans:

The rare coin market is not the place to make a cash killing, but with prudent buying strategies you can do well. Contact us for more information regarding setting up an investment plan containing rare coins to augment your current portfolio. All coins placed in our clients' portfolios are not from our inventory, and are acquired at the lowest prices at the current market levels from other dealers or through public auctions. We act only as a broker, and for a small maintenance fee will keep you informed as to rises and falls in your portfolio value.

Estate and collection appraisals and liquidations:

D & F Coins can provide collection and estate appraisals. We will give you a written appraisal for $75.00 per hour. If you wish to consign your coins to us, we charge just a 20% comission fee on the collection. We deal fairly, honestly, and pay in cash if desired.

Numismatic books and supplies sold:

"Buy the book before the coin", that is the best advice we can give. Learn as much as you can about what you are about to spend your hard-earned money on. D & F Coins sell, numismatic books and coin supplies.

Numismatic research:

We are located less than an hour away from the American Numismatic Association, and can provide research notes, photocopies, etc. of items you need. Contact us for a quotstion as every project will vary in cost. (Average costs $75.00 for 60 minutes).

I have great intentions for this web site and expect to see many changes in the future as we try out different ideas. We welcome feedback regarding this site, its creation, or about any of the contents contained here. Since I began teaching myself HTML, it has been fun and educational, but I can always learn from others constructive input.

I track the values of many coin issues through custom spreadsheet and database templates, primarily: Key dates, type, Morgan dollars and VAM's, Walkers, Mercuries, $20 Lib's / Saints and popular error / varieties. I track the values through the use of many different sources ranging from retail guides like the "Redbook" and " Coin Prices Magazine" inculdind wholesale guides like the "Graysheet", the "Bluesheet".

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